Resources I Used

When I began my DNRS journey, I could not use the computer and therefore I ordered the physical DVD Series (not the online version) and after that did not explore the DNRS website to see what else they had to offer. If I had known that there was an in-person seminar, I definitely would have gone! My student manual that came with the DVD set, was my go-to guide for me because I did not do any coaching (I know, what was I thinking?!). Although I was skeptical at first, I completely dedicated myself to the DNRS program. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I might as well give it my best shot. When I watched the DVD, it just made sense… and my skepticism finally gave way to my dedication to healing. I knew what was wrong and now I was being given the tools to get out of this living nightmare. I came back to both the DVD and the Student Manual often to cement the information and to see how I was progressing. I am grateful for the way I recovered because I believe it gave me a really insightful experience and it allows me to be a better Certified DNRS Coach because of all I had to figure out on my own!

One thing that was very important for me was to always come back to the science behind the program. When we refer back to the science of what DNRS is doing for our brains, it helps us to keep in perspective that this is not a magical journey, but a healing journey that is based on neuroscience. When people lose hope, I often find that they have forgotten to go back to the science of neuroplasticity. Read a book on neuroplasticity, like “Wired for Healing” by DNRS founder Annie Hopper, or “Hardwiring Happiness” by Dr. Rick Hansen, or “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge. This helps us acknowledge the physiological changes that cannot always be felt, but are occurring as the brain rewires itself. Keep the science in mind because it can be used as evidence to our naturally doubtful limbic systems that yes, this program does work and yes, we are going to recover as long as we are following the guidelines of the program!

I would strongly recommend that people embrace all of the added resources that are available to them through DNRS. It’s uncanny how people get used to doing things on their own, and maybe it’s because we’ve been suffering in silence, we almost feel that we have to recover alone. But nothing could be farther from the truth! There are almost 4,000 people on the DNRS private community forum who are sharing their victories and tips for recovery on a daily basis. Be prepared to truly be inspired!! And booking individual sessions with a certified DNRS coach is a wonderful way to get clarity on how to implement the program for best results. Really, you are not in this alone and there is a team of people to support you! You’ve got this!